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Creation of websites and maintenance by subscription, no string attached

Pause or cancel anytime

Say goodbye to price overruns and under-delivered web projects

Your experienced developer on demand has just arrived

Subscribe and request as many evolutions or corrections as you want.

We treat each of your requests in just a few days, from Monday to Friday.

We make as many Back and Forth as necessary until you are satisfied.

monweb.dev replaces unreliable freelancers and overpriced agencies

with a fixed subscription, no surprises

We deliver so quickly and with such quality of execution that you will wonder how you managed without us.

How do we work?

Completely asynchronous

You don't like long calls and useless meetings? Neither do we. We found a system to stop wasting time.

Management in Trello

Manage your requests directly in Trello. View active, pending, or validated tickets.

Invite your collaborators

Add your entire team, anyone can add a request and follow the progress of their ticket.

Advantages of subscribing to monweb.dev

Fast delivery

We code fast and well, your requests are addressed in a few days.

Ticket board

Add as many requests as you want to your board.

Fixed monthly price

No surprises here! Pay the same price every month.

Experienced developer

Your web dev has over 10 years of experience and can solve most of your problems.

Flexible and scalable

Increase or decrease your subscription as you like. Pause or cancel at any time.

Corrections & Evolutions

Whether it's a bug to fix or new elements to integrate, your web dev will come to your rescue.

Bug fixing, speed optimization, design integration, and much more

Website evolution

Adding products

Page creation

CMS updates


Content updates

Bug fixing

Design integration

Plugin updates

Tool connections


DNS setttings

Website creation

Adding scripts

Data Export / Import

Blog maintenance

CMS migration

Speed optimization

Our work


More than 70 clients


10 years of experience


Thousands lines of code


Dozens of Shopify stores maintained. Theme customization, plugin addition, product page creation, delivery setup, third-party tool connections...


WooCommerce included, mastery of various visual builders, plugin updates, theme customization, backup, third-party tool connections...


Page construction, bug fixing, blog template, animations, third-party tool connections, form integration...

Other technologies we support

We also work in PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Liquid, and NodeJS

Choose the plan that suits you



1 request at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.


excl. taxes. Pause or cancel anytime

1 request at a time

Delivery in an average of 72 hours

Critical issues addressed within 24 hours

Unlimited requests

Unlimited websites

Unlimited back-and-forths

Unlimited users

Pause or cancel anytime

1 follow-up meeting per month upon request

Direct hotline via Slack messaging


Double your request. Pause or cancel anytime.


excl. taxes. Pause or cancel anytime

2 request at a time

Delivery in an average of 48 hours

Critical issues addressed within 24 hours

Unlimited requests

Unlimited websites

Unlimited back-and-forths

Unlimited users

Pause or cancel anytime

1 RDV de suivi / mois sur demande

Direct hotline via Slack messaging


What types of web maintenance services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive web maintenance, including updates, security, bug fixes, and performance improvements for platforms like Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Prestashop, Bubble, and more.

How does your pricing work?

We offer two packages: one at €937 excluding taxes for one request at a time, and another at €1447 excluding taxes for two requests in parallel. These prices are fixed and cover all the listed services, with no hidden fees.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes. Perhaps you only have a few tasks to assign to us. That's where pausing your subscription can be helpful!

Billing cycles are based on a 30-day period. Let's say you sign up and use MonWeb.Dev for 20 days, then decide to pause your subscription. The billing cycle will be suspended, and you will have 10 days of service to use at any time in the future.

How long does it take to deliver a request?

On average, we deliver maintenance requests within 48 hours. But it depends on your request: if it's a quick request, such as changing the position of a button or adding text to a product page, it can be delivered in 2 hours. If it's a migration, it may take 2 weeks.

What is the speed of your response in the case of critical issues?

We commit to addressing any critical issue within 24 hours to minimize the impact on your business.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can submit?

No, our offers include unlimited requests. You can submit as many requests as needed.

How can I track the progress of my requests?

We provide a dashboard where you can track the status of your requests in real-time.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, we offer customer support through a direct hotline on Slack for our premium offer, with guaranteed responses within 24 hours.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, our subscriptions are flexible. You can pause or cancel them at any time without additional fees.

What are the advantages of choosing monweb.dev over a freelance or another agency?

monweb.dev offers guaranteed responsiveness, fixed rates, diverse expertise, personalized support, and flexibility that is often difficult to obtain with freelancers or other agencies.

Do you work as a white-label service for other agencies?

Certainly, our services are designed to meet the needs of your agency's clients. You can delegate your work to us and focus on your other tasks.

Is monweb.dev suitable for small businesses and startups?

Absolutely, our services are designed to accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

How do you ensure the quality of your work?

Behind monweb.dev is Vincent, an experienced developer with +150 web projects under his belt for 10 years, with over 70 clients. In addition to that, we are committed to revising our work until you are completely satisfied.

How can I get started with monweb.dev?

Simply choose the package that suits you and sign up on our website. We will then contact you within 24 hours to get started.

A flexible subscription for all your technical requests.

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